Strategic Training Endeavors provided an excellent instructor and the course was very applicable and interesting. I’m really glad I took it. I’ve learned a lot.

This has been one of my favorite courses, not just because of the topic, but also because of the instructor. She has a clear passion for negotiation and she brought tons of real world experiences into the classroom to aid our learning. It was helpful to hear how negotiations play out in real life both domestically and internationally.

Strategic Training Endeavor’s instructor is very passionate and knowledgeable about negotiation. It was an honor taking a course from her.

I learned a lot of information in a short period of time. The instructor was very educated and experienced.

She was a great teacher, very engaging. Good mix of lecture and in class exercises. Covered a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Instructor was awesome! Lots of experiences she shared.

The instructor was very good. I really enjoyed her experiences making the class more than just academic.

One of my favorite classes I've taken. The instructor knows her stuff and gave the class incredible insight during each session.

Her extensive experience in negotiation provided us with many practical examples of ways to apply the theories we learned.

Fantastic instructor. Exceeded my expectations massively.

Very good instructor who incorporated real world experience into the class.

This course exceeded my expectations. The instructor had an engaging teaching style and useful examples throughout.

The instructor is the epitome of scholar-practitioner that Strategic Training Endeavors should pride itself on having teach. She brings real-world perspective and experience, coupled with applying interesting techniques and engaging interactions between students.

Absolutely amazing course -- especially the structure. Applying relevant and diverse situational practices were key. I enjoyed and appreciated the instructor’s honest, forthright, and tactful approach to the course material.

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