About Us

The evolution of companies in this ever changing global landscape have resulted in the emergence of new employee skill gaps and imparities throughout the workforce. More than ever, companies are in significant need of expertise to close the gaps and ensure effective retention strategies are employed to succeed in this challenging environment. Strategic Training Endeavors was founded to help solve this problem.

Strategic Training Endeavors is a woman owned training & consulting company founded on significant cross industry expertise. All companies needs differ based upon company culture, industry, maturity cycle, and the people that are core to that company.

At Strategic Training Endeavors, we ...

work with our clients to ensure the right customized program is developed to meet both their needs now and into the future. Our practical application approach ensures immediate application for enhanced results in the companies we serve. Our model focuses on empowering the transformation of employees to enhance & maximize the strategic value that these employees bring to the company. Our training programs increase company talent & retention as the company invests in their employees’ developmental needs.

aspire to challenge the status quo in corporate training. Our training packages are customized to your company and go beyond the usual one event approach. We devote ample time with the company to understand their unique culture, products, and ensure the best trainer fit for that unique company.

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